​Adela Falk & Dennis Boisvert - POW420
Bill Esbensen - New Approach Idaho/Compassionate Idaho
Billy & Lilly Fisher - The Fight for Lilly Foundation
Brian Bothwell
Cheryl Shuman -  Beverly Hills Cannabis Club/Moms for Marijuana International
Craig Beresh - California Cannabis Coalition
Dana Wilson - New Approach Idaho/Compassionate Idaho
Jerry Whiting

Kat Bohnsack - Seattle Hempfest/MaryJane Parties
Koby Conrad - Green Majority
Leland R. Berger - Portland NORML Legislative Committee
Leon Crandell - Saving Teens at Risk
Lori Duckworth

Meagan Holt - Project PC
Russ Belville - Cannabis Radio/The Marijuana Agenda

Ryan Davidson

Serra Frank - Moms for Marijuana International
Tara Boomdeeay

Vicca Thompson - ​The Grow Shop/Glitter Puff Gardens

2017 Vendors

Officially Licensed event with Seattle HEMPFEST®


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Knotty Brine
This Awkward Moment
Jensen Buck & The Family
Oceans of Mars
Tsun Dog
Prize Giveaway
Cairo Fusion Belly Dancers
The Broken Outlaws
Rhythm & Rhyme
Infinitum Arts Collective Fire Dancers​

Bad Apple
Bella Vita
Boise Brew Card
Boise Hempfest
Bubs n Boards
Cad Carpenter Tongue Drums
Cameo Lady of the Hills
Delphi Oracles
Disco Hardwood Designs
Distinctly Dawndy
Forest Stewart
Green Majority
Green Party of Idaho
Hippie Bling & Stellar Stitches
Hotbox Farms
Idaho Freedom Foundation
Inspired Orgonite
Jay Robertson
Jeff Okerse
Joy of Tye Dying
Kat's Meow
Left Handed Art
Lyon Pride Entertainment

2017 Speakers

Make It Mine Customizations
Mother of Nature
Mountain Valley Law
My Bell Jewelry
Mystic Flow
Nancy Sathre-Vogel
Once Upon a Stump
Papa Styles Leathers
Pick Your Wick
Project PC
Renew Massage
Rhonda Berles
Rock & Oil Naturals
Seattle Hempfest
Self Threaded
Simple Harvest
State of the Heart
Symbiotic Systems Reflexology
The Dark Faerie
Teeter Totter Soaps
Treasure Cast
Walk Lightly/Green Neck
Wyatt Wurtenberger

​Aaron's Dippin Dots
Aladdins Egyptian
All the Crepe
Bandidos Mexican Grill
Idaho 5 Star Funnel Cakes
Jammi's Dawgs
Kono Pizza
​Mad Mac
Oriental Express
Silver Haze BBQ

April 15th, 2017

2017 Sponsors

Munchies Market

Green Majority

2017 Entertainment

Vendor Village

Hempfest 2017