Idaho needs real Cannabis education.

Boise Hempfest features Speakers and Activists from within the Cannabis industry and medical programs; and local speakers that have a story they would like to share about their experiences with Cannabis.

Learn more about each speaker by clicking on the link under their name.

Boise Hempfest 2017 Speakers

‚ÄčAdela Falk & Dennis Boisvert


Bill Esbensen

New Approach Idaho/Compassionate Idaho

Billy & Lilly Fisher

The Fight for Lilly Foundation

Brian Bothwell

Cheryl Shuman

Beverly Hills Cannabis Club/Moms for Marijuana International

Craig Beresh

California Cannabis Coalition

Dana Wilson

New Approach Idaho/Compassionate Idaho

Jerry Whiting

Kat Bohnsack

Seattle Hempfest/MaryJane Parties

Koby Conrad
Green Majority

Leland R. Berger

Portland NORML Legislative Committee

Leon Crandell

Saving Teens at Risk

Lori Duckworth

Meagan Holt

Project PC

Russ Belville

Cannabis Radio/The Marijuana Agenda

Ryan Davidson

Serra Frank

Moms for Marijuana International

Tara Boomdeeay

Tom Curl

Mountain Valley Law

Vicca Thompson

‚ÄčThe Grow Shop/Glitter Puff Gardens